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Catalyst Testing

Research & Development

We constructed a pilot plant within our lab building, allowing us to test our catalysts within a small reactor. This setup includes on stream analyzers for Oxygen and Hydrogen as well as a new Gas Chromatograph with FID and TCD capabilities. We have the capability to feed air, custom gas mixtures, and multiple gas inputs that may be mixed before entering the reactor.

 These capabilities allow us to benchmark our precious metal catalysts and copper catalysts in our test reactor with various gas compositions and space velocities. The data we gather informs our reactor designs and enables us to provide evidence backed solutions.

Gas Chromatograph in Our Lab for Analyzing Catalyst Performance.

Contaminant Analysis

Many gas streams have trace levels of contaminants that act as poisons to precious metal catalysts. If not thoroughly removed upstream, deactivation may occur.

In the case of a performance issue, we handle analyses for catalyst contamination, assaying for foreign substances including carbon, sulfur, silicon, and halides which may be fouling or poisoning the catalyst.

Close up of Focused Lens on Microscope.

Activity Testing

Even the best catalysts will gradually decrease in efficiency over time. This natural loss of activity is something we take into account when designing our reactors, but we understand not everything goes to plan in the field.


Operation issues such as overheating or poisoning can significantly reduce the activity of the catalyst for the desired reaction. If the activity of your catalyst comes into question, you may send Research Catalysts a sample of your incumbent catalyst which we will analyze for activity.

Graphical Representation of Data for Catalyst Activity.
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