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Catalytic Hydrogen Purification

The Potential of Hydrogen

Hydrogen is needed as a feedstock for fertilizer production, treating metals, and other industrial applications. In addition to these industrial uses, hydrogen can be used as a fuel source. Unlike fossil fuels which produce CO2 when combusted, the combustion of hydrogen produces only water, making it an attractive clean fuel. 

Hydrogen can be efficiently generated through the electrolysis of water, and when a renewable source provides the energy for this electrolysis, it is referred to as Green Hydrogen. From its generation to its end use, Green Hydrogen is carbon neutral, making its production essential to the decarbonization of industry.

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Producing Ultra Pure Green Hydrogen

Upon leaving the electrolysis cell, hydrogen gas contains some impurities, primarily oxygen and water. For safe storage and use it is required to reduce these contaminants to very low levels (in some cases less than 1 part per million by volume).

Research Catalysts has been developing catalytic purification solutions for green hydrogen for over a decade. Oxygen removal from bulk hydrogen (Hydrogen Deoxo) is an application for which we have provided reactor designs and catalysts for many projects. We can meet stringent purity specifications and provide solutions that are energy efficient and last many years on a charge of catalyst. Further, we can provide solutions that operate over large ranges of flows to accommodate the variability in gas production experienced by electrolysers powered by intermittent sources (such as wind and solar). 

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