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Reactor Design

The Importance of Good Design

From the conceptual stage to the detailed engineering and fabrication, proper design of a catalytic reactor is essential to good performance.

The proper choice of media, bed dimensions, and flow conditions are required to obtain optimal performance and reach target lifetimes.

Large Towers at an Industrial Chemical Plant.

Our Reactors

Research Catalysts designs packed bed reactors for purification purposes. We can design reactors for Catalytic Purification, Temperature Swing Adsorption (TSA), or Sacrificial Adsorption applications. We developed proprietary simulators and modeling software that aides our design efforts in these areas.

  • Catalytic reactors - We primarily design catalytic reactors that use precious metal catalysts or copper catalysts to remove oxygen, hydrogen, or VOCs from various gas streams.

  • Adsorption reactors -  Based on product specifications we determine appropriate bed sizing, as required to meet cycle length and product purity targets. The adsorption media can be used as a sacrificial scavenger, or in some cases it can be regenerated via Temperature Swing.


We provide material selection and supply, bed sizing, and detailed simulations (including H&MB). Subsequently, the detailed mechanical engineering and fabrication can be carried out by the customer, or we can connect you with one of our fabrication partners who are experts at it and have completed many such projects over the years.

Large Industrial Catalytic Reactor Tower
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