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CO2 Purification

Why it matters

CO2 is a significant byproduct of some industrial chemical processes, and a desirable feedstock for others. When produced or sourced, CO2 may be contaminated with impurities that must be removed to safely store, transport, or use it. 

Further, CO2 is a greenhouse gas, so its release into the atmosphere is undesirable. This creates the need to purify the CO2 so that it may be safely reused, sequester, or injected into a pipeline.

CO2 Bubbles in Water

Purifying CO2 with Catalysis

  • Depending on the source and the desired use of the CO2, different contaminants need to be removed and to varying degrees. 

  • To be qualified as food grade, CO2 must be ultra pure which requires the removal of essentially all VOCs and hydrocarbons. We utilize our precious metal catalysts for what we refer to as CO2 CATOX, an application in which impurities in the feed stream are catalytically oxidized to form primarily CO2 and water.

  • Carbon capture is another application that requires purification of the CO2 feed. Whether it be oxygen removal (DEOXO) for direct air capture or hydrocarbon and VOC removal (CATOX) from flue gas that is to be sequestered, we have the experience and the catalysts needed to realize the project.

CO2 emissions from Large Ships Polluting Air
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