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Precious Metal Catalysts

Research Catalysts offers a wide range of Precious Metal Catalysts, primarily for gas purification applications. Our OxiGone product line comprises precious metal catalysts - primarily platinum, palladium, and ruthenium - on alumina beads, tablets or extrudates.  This product line represents a toolbox which can address a wide variety of gas purification requirements.  Applications include CATOX, Deoxo, Methanation and Hydrogenation reactions - for example, O2 removal by reaction with H2 or hydrocarbons; H2 removal by reaction with O2;  oxidation of hydrocarbons for purification of CO2; destruction of CO and VOC's for environmental protection;  or methanation to remove CO and/or CO2 from a Hydrogen stream.

OxiGone 100 Series

The OxiGone 100 series are palladium on alumina catalysts. These catalysts have large surface areas and Palladium loadings ranging from 0.1% to 0.5% by weight .

  • OxiGone 110 OxiGone 110 has a loading of 0.1% Palladium by weight.

  • OxiGone 113 OxiGone 113 has a loading of 0.13% Palladium by weight.

  • OxiGone 125 OxiGone 125 has a loading of 0.25% Palladium by weight.

  • OxiGone 130 OxiGone 130 has a loading of 0.3% Palladium by weight.

  • OxiGone 150 OxiGone 147 has a loading of 0.5% Palladium by weight.

OxiGone 125 Picture_edited.jpg

OxiGone 200 Series

The OxiGone 200 series are platinum on alumina catalysts.

  • OxiGone 230 OxiGone 230 has a loading of 0.3% Platinum by weight

OxiGone 230 Picture_edited.jpg
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